New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin

A group of us went to spend new years eve in Berlin, as it is meant to be the biggest in the world, with 1 million visitors.

I only took my Canon S95 compact camera, but I did get a couple of shots.

The actual event was anarchy! The crowd we continually letting off powerful rockets all the time, and throwing REALLY loud bangers all the time, in the crown, in doorways, under cars everywhere. You could not relax as you were always worried about being hit by a firework. Drunken people were setting rockets off from empty beer and wine bottles, literally right in amongst the crowds. We saw rockets flying horizontally above the crowd dipping into the crowds, and actually saw one hit a woman in the back.

The most unbelievable things was there were loads of police about, watching!


A cathedral we walked past:

Cathedral in Berlin