About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website.small-us_three

I am a qualified and enthusiastic photographer in Herefordshire, enjoying most areas of photography, but passionate about portraiture and landscapes. I love to capture the moment and create great looking images, be they portraits, art nudes, landscapes, etc.

I have been interested in photography since I was at school, when I had a simple 35mm film camera, and since then have involved it in other interests, such as my love of mountaineering, motorcycles, skiing etc. Now those activities are often geared towards getting some more great shots more than the activities themselves! Moving from film to digital has been a major leap forward, as results from new techniques can be assessed immediately.

I am a Licentiate qualified member of the National Photographic Society. I  have also been mentored by award winning photographers such as David Worthington, Michael Trafford, Brian Smith and most recently, John Farrar. I am also an administrator on one of the biggest and best photography forums on the internet, photography-forum.org, and am active daily in all photographic matters.

I use the latest industry standard editing software, and keep up to date with latest photographic trends and techniques.