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Fixed it!

The site has been unattainable since my provider updated their servers. I’ve not had time to try to fix it for ages but had a successful attempt tonight.

The Paint Runner 2014

This Saturday, 1000 runners took part in The Paint Runner 2014, a charity event to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice.

This was a cause close to my family’s heart, as I lost my father to cancer recently and he spent his last days being cared for by St Michael’s Hospice. Both my daughters took part, as did one of their boyfriends and two cousins.

I went along to capture some of the day.

The event was a 3 mile run/walk around Hereford, passing through 5 paint stations, where they were covered in coloured paint powder. A few images below show the scale of the paint cloud!

A great day was had by all, and I believe £20,000+ was raised for the charity.

Click images to see them larger.

Depth Of Field explained in pictures

Depth of field and what affects it is very often misunderstood or can seem confusing to new photographers.

The three factors that effect it are aperture, focal length, and distance from the camera, though the last two are related.

Different sensor sizes will also affect the actual Depth of field (or DoF) achieved, but they are not factors the photographer can affect.

To help explain, and demonstrate how each of the 3 settings affects the depth of field, I though pictorial representation would be a good way to show it.

1. Same focal length, same distance from camera, different aperture setting.

Effect of Aperture on Depth of Field







2. Same focal length, same aperture, changing distance from subject to camera.

Effect of Distance on Depth of Field







3. Same aperture, same distance subject to camera, different focal lengths.

Effect of Focal Length on Depth of Field

Blackpool Studio Shoot Nov 2013

A few of us met for a great weekend of studio shooting. We had a few models and MUAs (make-up artists) let us down, but stand-ins were arranged at zero hour, and some great models made it a good weekend.

Thanks to the girls, Misha, Milly, Vicky, Dani-elle, Sade, and Cherelle.

I’m still working through the images, but here are a few tasters.

Suzuki GSX650FA

After a break of about 20 years nearly, I finally decided to hold out no longer, and treated myself to a shiny new toy.

A new Suzuki GSX650FA.

This is the first pic of it, no doubt there will be more.

Suzuki GSX650FA

Another shoot with Jade 28-6-13

This shoot was primarily to finally get round to a shot I had in mind for some time now, and due to the accessories, only a girl with ear stretchers was suitable, so Jade was perfect for the shot!

The ice axes are my actual ice climbing axes, the rest was stuff bought on Ebay. Only the background and reflection in the goggles is Photoshopped, rest is real.

Art nude shoot 14-4-13

The following gallery contains artistic nudity. Please confirm your age!

Managed to get Rachy in the studio to do some shots I had in mind for some time now.
Here are a couple of samples.