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New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin

A group of us went to spend new years eve in Berlin, as it is meant to be the biggest in the world, with 1 million visitors.

I only took my Canon S95 compact camera, but I did get a couple of shots.

The actual event was anarchy! The crowd we continually letting off powerful rockets all the time, and throwing REALLY loud bangers all the time, in the crown, in doorways, under cars everywhere. You could not relax as you were always worried about being hit by a firework. Drunken people were setting rockets off from empty beer and wine bottles, literally right in amongst the crowds. We saw rockets flying horizontally above the crowd dipping into the crowds, and actually saw one hit a woman in the back.

The most unbelievable things was there were loads of police about, watching!


A cathedral we walked past:

Cathedral in Berlin

Yongnuo YN-622C ETTL wireless flash triggers review

Accessing speedlight control

The below shows the menu options to get to the speedlight controls when using the Yongnuo YN-622C ETTL wireless flash triggers.

These images are taken from a Canon 5D2. Other cameras may look slightly different.

7th menu from the right, External Speedlight Control:







Then Flash Function Settings:




Takes you to this screen. Here you can set the zoom of the flashguns. I think they all have to be set to the same zoom, not found a way to separate them.(yet)







Scrolling down there are more options:







Going into Wireless Set. gives you this. This is where you can set up the control of the flashguns.
Here is is default A+B+C setting.







From here we can do all the fun stuff.

Yongnuo YN-622C ETTL wireless flash triggers review

Having a few of the Yongnuo RF-603 wireless flash triggers, which are manual control only, I was happy to find out Yongnuo had released some E-TTL versions. So I as my birthday was imminent I had to have some.

This is them:
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These are wireless flash triggers that can transmit E-TTL information from your camera, to control compatible flashguns such as the Canon 430 EX II, Canon 580 EX II, and Yongnuo YN 565 EX.

Compatible Cameras and flashguns.
Cameras compatible with using the Camera Flash Control menus:
1D III, 1Ds III, 1D IV, 5DII, 5D III, 7D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 1000D, 1100D, SX201S, G12

Cameras that can control by camera buttons:
1D, 1D II, 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 300D, 350D, 400D

Flashguns that are fully controllable compatible:
Canon 600EX-RT, 600EX, 580EX II, 430EX II, 270EX II, 320EX, Yongnuo YN-568 C
Yongnuo (No HSS) YN-465 C, YN-467 II C, YN-468 II C, YN-565EX C, YN-565 II C

They have three groups, A, B and C, which will be controlled by the camera’s group controls, and 7 channels (yet to test).
The blurb from Yongnuo themselves is quoted below.

Each trigger requires 2 AA batteries.
In normal operation you need one trigger for the camera, as a transmitter, and one for each off camera flashgun.
I’ve yet to test using one as a remote trigger for firing the camera, but I have piggy backed an RF-603 on top of the 622C and remotely triggered the whole lot.

The power switch is accessible when the flash is fitted, which is a step up from the RF603.
It’s dead easy to choose groups with button on the side.
The test button on one in the hand will fire them without firing a frame (yay)!
They have the screw down style lock for keeping them in the hot shoe.
Top and bottom hot shoe mounts are metal.

I have set up a Canon 430 and 580 EX II, and a Yongnuo 565. Each one a different group.
From the camera I can set zoom of the flash, though the 430 on group C (as I had it-images below) wouldn’t zoom, but I think it was something to do with the flash itself.
All flashes zoom to the same zoom, doesn’t seem to be a way round that.

You can change the power ratio of A and B from 8:1 through to 1:8 in steps of 2, so 6:1, 4:1,etc.
C can be flash exposure compensated from – 3 to +3. Compared to the flash on 1 (metered power) that was practically off to over powering both the A and B flashes.

Now to the interesting bit. Out with the RF603s.

A Yongnuo 460 on an RF603 and one more RF603 on top of the 622 on the camera.
All 4 fired. Yay!
This means I can control 3 flash guns from the camera, manually or via E-TTL, and also control more flashguns manually using the RF603 triggers.
For example, I could set two manual flashes up to light a white background on RF603s, and use the YB-622C triggers on key light, fill, and hair light on a subject, controlling the subject lighting as I go, and leaving the background lights as they are.

Add the lead from the RF603 to the shutter input on camera, and another RF603 hand held as a remote shutter release.
Everything works!! Woohoo.
The set of flashguns on the YN-622Cs fire, along with the flash on the RF602 trigger.

All in all I am so far very pleased with these units. For me they do not supercede the RF603 set I have, but they vastly improve my set up and compliment the RF603s nicely.
Very happy they have brought these out.

4 of these triggers were £110 on free delivery from UK shipping point of Chinese Ebay merchant, which is a fraction of the cost of pocket wizards for example.
They are available from many sources on Ebay.

My brief star rating (based on initial impression so far).
overall build quality 8x
ease of use 9x
value for money 10x
features 10x

More information from

Studio day with John Farrar

Great shoot this weekend, up in Blackpool with the legend that is John Farrar and two great models, and two make-up artists.

All of the photographers were from The Photography Forum, and we had a great laugh, especially with John’s unique patter!

This is the crew:


John Farrar workshop

Focal Length
Focal Length
Focal Length













And here are a couple of images from the day:

How dare you question me! The painted lady

Trip to Dunraven Bay

A sunset trip to Dunraven Bay with my dad.

Took dad to Dunraven Bay for some sunset photos. ¬†Didn’t look very promising at all. When we got there it started chucking it down with rain. That did stop, so we ventured out of the car, but still very dull so we chatted to a security guard who was stopping cars going past the car park, as they were filming a Dr Who spin off program up the hill.

A little later it started to clear and we were able to get some nice shots.. Dad took loads, and I got a couple I was happy with, one of which is one of the header images on the site.

This was my favourite from the evening:

Sunset at Dunraven Bay

Forum meet at Ystradfellte

Today we had a great meet at Ystradfellte waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons.

“We” are a group of about 10 members of the, from many areas, North, South, East and West.

I was the one organising the meet and the location. As a keen walker anyway, I recalled the path there being quite an easy route. A few of the members weren’t quite so sure. Especially when I went a different way which I thought might be easier, but turned out to have a wee cliff to descend. I didn’t think much of it, but there were a few not so keen…