Studio Shoots

Release your beauty!

Book a session in the studio for a collection of contemporary images which will live in your memory for a lifetime. Viewers will love your hidden beauty that has been brought to the surface in these timeless portraits.

With a warm and friendly environment, we will capture your images in a relaxing and thoughtful manner which will make you feel comfortable, to leave you with a collection of images that will take your breath away.

To demonstrate this, here are some examples where the models look stunning bare shouldered. Each finished edit shows the truth behind the illusion. (Click images to see them larger)


And in this example, is she wearing a short skirt or isn’t she……?


Whilst perfect make-up and flawless skin make the photographer’s life so much easier, temporary blemishes such as spots can be edited away, and skin make to look near perfect (often referred to as airbrushing).
Here is a sample image of my daughter, before and after.
She unfortunately gets bad eczema which gives her some problems with her skin.
But as you can see from the finished edit, it doesn’t stop the final images looking great.


Check out more examples of my studio work below, and also on the Studio Images tab, and drop me a line!
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